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Utronix Liquid-Uterine Tonic & Ecbolic

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  • Retention of placenta (ROP)
  • Uterine infections like metritis, pyometra etc
  • Irregular lochial discharge
  • Delayed involution of uterus
  • Repeat breeders
  • For early Post-Partum Estrus


  • In case of ROP 250 ml. P.O. repeat after 2 hours In case of Metritis 100 ml
  • bid P.O for 5 days or as directed by the Veterinarian

Packing :

  • 500 ml & 1 Litre

Product Description :

Best Veterinary Products In Rohtak

Domestic animals like cows and buffalos play an important role in keeping the wheel of daily life running. Animal products obtained by these animals maintain our daily life schedules in an unnoticed manner. That’s why welfare and healthcare of these creatures are of utmost need. Caretakers of these domestic animals keep searching for Veterinary Products in Rohtak. These products keep the health of animals in check and heel the diseases they encounter.

Phoenix Life sciences are one such company devoted to the research and production of allopathic products and Veterinary Products in Rohtak. The company is a trusted partner in animal well-being products, one of those products being Utronix.

Utronix is a unique medicine developed and distributed by Phoenix Life Sciences which cures frequently observed symptoms in cows and buffalos like Retention of Placentra, Uterine Infections like Metritis and Pyometra, Irregular Lochial Discharge, Delayed Involutions of Uterus, Repeat breeders, and Early postpartum Estrus, etc.

Utronix is a proven medicine for your domestic animals as it does not affect the regular healthcare routines and is easy to feed. There are large ranges of products for your pets that help to build and develop the immune system. Nurture and Nourish your pet with love and leave them to us for their well being and overall development.

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500 ML, 1 Litre


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