Leptocal Bolus

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Leptocal Dispersible Bolus-Increase Milk production & easy letdown of Milk



  • Increases milk production
  • Ensures letdown of milk
  • Increases lactation period
  • Improves udder health
  • Increases fat percentage of milk


  • Large Animals:1 Bolus twice daily
  • Small Animals:1/2 Bolus twice daily

Packing :

  • 20 Bolus box


Product Description :

Leptocal Bolus A revolutionary Bolus
Phoenix Life Sciences assures quality in medicines and supplement products for your animals. One of the leading medicines offered by the company is Leptocal Bolus, a revolutionary bolus which improves the health of the animals by increasing milk production, ensuring letdown of milk, increasing lactation period, improving udder health, and increasing fat percentage in milk.

If you are a pet lover or are engaged in Pastor Activities, then you must know the importance of animal products that are consumed in our day-to-day life. These products are required by us at the very beginning of the day in the form of milk or butter.

Hence, while the animal gives less milk or milk with diminishing vitamin values, it is a matter of concern and needs for veterinary products arise to bring back the nutritional values in the animals. Phoenix Life Sciences is one of the renowned companies in the area of veterinary medicine and is considered as one of the Best Veterinary Products Manufacturers.

If you are also in search of the best Veterinary Products Manufacturers, then look no further as Phoenix Life Sciences represents the complete range of veterinary products and supplements and it is also a recommended brand by the best veterinarians.


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