Shaktimin Gold


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Shaktimin Gold-Methochelated Organic Minerals &
Vitamins Feed Supplement




  • Deficiency of Vitamins & Minerals
  • Anoestrus
  • Hypogalactia & Agalactia
  • Weakness and Debility
  • Poor Immunity
  • Poor Conception Rate

Mixing Ratio:

  • Cow & Buffalo: 30-50 gram  per day for maintenance, growth and better milk production.
  • Calf / Sheep / Goat: 15-25 gram  per day for better growth.
  • Pig: 25-30 gram  per day for better weight gain & maintenance.
  • Horse: 50 gram  per day or 1-2 Kg mixed in 100 kg feed.                                                                                                                                                        Or as directed by Veterinarian


  • 1kg , 5kg , 10kg , 25kg

The main concern for those in the business of animal products like milk is the deficiency of minerals and lack in the production of milk. Symptoms like Anoestrus, Deficiency of Vitamins, Debility, and poor immunity are the principal indications of such shortcomings. As a cure to this, Phoenix Life Sciences offers Shaktimin gold, a powerful veterinary medicine to bring back the immunity and well-being of your domestic animals.

Phoenix Life Sciences is a leading Veterinary Medicine Distributor with a qualified professional team of veterinary professionals and technicians devoted to research and in-house technology for mass production of veterinary allopathic medicines. The company enjoys a successful range of animal welfare products and revolutionary customer-centric approach. It is recommended as one of the most trusted Veterinary Medicine Distributors by veterinarians.

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1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg Bag, 25 Kg Bucket

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  1. Ramanand

    great product for animals

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