Phosvet Bolus

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Phosvet Bolus  (10×2 Bolus)



  • Metabolic disorders like Ketosis, Milk Fever
  • Infertility and peurperal diseases.
  • Phosphorus deficient cases: Pica, Red Water Fever, Arthritis like syndrome
  • Weakness and anemia
  • Weak Muscular activity
  • Stress & reduced feed intake (Anorexia)
  • Disease recovery (convalescene)

Dosage: – Cattle,Buffalow,Horse,Camel 1-2 Bolus BD or as recommended by veterinarian


Packaging:- 10×2 Bolus (20 Bolus Box)


Product Description :


Veterinarian medical field helps in aiding the diseases which are found in domestic animals and pets. These speechless creatures require critical health care with changing atmosphere and conditions. It is very important to feed the right medicines to animals as untrustworthy agents may affect the health adversely. If you are also in search of competitive treatment for your animal, then consider Phoenix Life Sciences, the veterinary medicine company regarded as the Best Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers in India.

Phoenix Life Sciences deals with the research, development, manufacturing, and distributing veterinary medicines and supplements all over the country with a seal of trust. They are an ISO certified company with the market experience of more than a decade and a team of responsible veterinary professionals and technicians.

Almost all the products of the company are best rated, but Phosvet M is in excess demand due to its application against serious illness indications including Nerving Weakness, HB-Urea, Arthritis Syndrome, Metabolic disorder, and Discoloration of Skin.

To know the dosage details of Phosvet M for your animal, or to know more about the company; do talk to our executives Do visit the company and choose the best for your animal so that you can rest be assured about the well-being of your dependents.


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