Florasacc Bolus

640.00 576.00

Florasacc Bolus -For Rapid Onset Of Ruminal Functions



  • Anorexia
  • Indigestion
  • Impaction
  • Ruminal atony
  • Ruminal acidosis
  • Fatty liver degeneration
  • Grains in faeces
  • As supportive treatment with antibiotic therapy


  • Large Animals:2 Boli BID P.O.
  • Small Animals:1 Boli BID P.O.


  • 10×4 Boli/Box


Some of the major symptoms observed in ill animals are anorexia, Ruminal Atony, Ruminal Acidosis, and Fatty Liver Degeneration. These symptoms point towards serious illness and Phoenix Life Sciences offer Florasacc to cure this.

For the right dosage of medicines and other details, you can share your queries and get it solved by our team of experts. All you need to learn is that Phoenix is the best veterinary medicine distributors in Rohtak and it cares for your well being of your pet.

To prevent and control and diagnose the diseases which are wildly spread in the domestic and wild animals; can even be transmitted to human beings, veterinary medicines are used. There are a number of suppliers and distributors in the field of veterinary medicines but if one is looking for the most recommended Veterinary Medicine Distributors in Rohtak, then Phoenix Life Sciences is what they will get as results.

Animals and pets play an important role in the life of farmers, veterinarians, and normal people for that matter as they assist us in getting some specific tasks to get done. Although they do not actively express their pains, it is our duty to keep them healthy. Phoenix Life Sciences understands this fact thoroughly and hence is occupied in the job of manufacturing, supplying and distributing effective allopathic veterinary medicines across the country.



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