Dhenu H


Dhenu-H – Repairs of udder tissues, Reduction in Antioxidant Effect,Improvement in Hatchability and Egg Production, and Prevention of Hair Fall etc.

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  • Repairs & rejuvenates udder tissues
  • Experts antioxidant effect
  • Stimulates better egg production & improves hatchability
  • improves immunity & removes stress
  • For shiny hair coat & prevent hair fall


  • Large Animals: 10ml daily
  • Small Animals: 5 ml daily
  • Dogs/Cats: 2-3 ml daily
  • Chicks: 5 ml/100 birds
  • Growers: 7 ml/100 birds
  • Layers: 10 ml/100 birds


Dhenu H is a revolutionary solution developed by the company to face pressing issues in domestic animals like Repairs of udder tissues, Reduction in Antioxidant Effect, Improvement in Hatchability and Egg Production, and Prevention of Hair Fall etc.

Other than Dhenu H, Phoenix Life Sciences presents a huge variety in veterinary medicines. To know these products, the company and the correct dosage of Dhenu H for your domestic animals, keep visiting this space. and be rest assured about the future allopathic support for your pets or domestic animals.

Animal medics are finding importance in the recent times because of the awareness people have developed regarding the animal health. Especially cows and other animals who are employed in producing animal products require the most attention and care towards animal health. When these animals are encountered with some diseases, we have to look for Veterinary Medicine Suppliers. One of the prominent market leaders in this genre is Phoenix Life Sciences.

The company offers allopathic solutions for diseases and shortcomings noticed in domestic animals and pets. Phoenix Life Sciences has a wide range of animal healthcare products, out of which Dhenu H is garnering positive consumer response ever since it is launched.

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