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CoolrasLiquid  Rational & highly effective formulation to Combat Heat stress and to boost up immunity


Features :

    • Acts as antioxidant and removes stress
    • Optimises body electrolytes & maintain body fluid
    • Lowers down body temperature as sea flora acts as natural refrigerant, sjs
    • Corrects alkalosis
    • Provides extra calcium & phosphorus
    • Provides instant energy. Boost up Immunity
    • Increases production and fertility of the animal

Dosage :

    • Large Animal: 100 ml to 200 ml twice a day
    • Calf & Small Animal: 25 ml to 50 ml twice a day by oral route


    • Layers: 10 ml/100 birds
    • Broiler : 5ml / 100birds in drinking water


  • 1 Litre Pack

Product Description :

Heat stress is most detrimental in animals.

Adverse Effects of Heat stress

  • Decrease in production & fertility
  • Heat stress lowers natural immunity & making animal more susceptible to disease
  • Fatal (causing death) in severe condition

Physiological changes due to heat stress

  • Heat stress affects almost all systems of body and cellular activities.
  • Loss of electrolytes & body fluid
  • Alkalosis
  • Decrease in blood glucose level
  • Hypophosphatemia and hypocalcemia



Out of the products offered by the company, Coolras is garnering a lot of attention due to its multiple advantages and ability to fight symptoms like High rate of Breathing (Panting), Rise in Rectal Temperature, Dullness, and Lethargy, trembling and Convulsion, Decrease in Production and Fertility, Loss of Electrolytes and Body Fluid, Alkalosis, Decrement in Blood glucose Level, Hypophosphatemia, Hypocalcemia, etc. just to count a few. When the world is behind the allopath medicines, we give you an alternative to this for your pets too. Keep looking at this space where you will develop an interest for Ayurvedic Veterinary Medicine Manufacturers in India.
Phoenix Life Sciences is a veterinary medicine and supplements manufacturing company which focuses on customer-centric approach and is also a recommended supplier of veterinary products by leading veterinarians.



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