Veterinary Manufacturers In India
Pet lover and animal owners prefer to take extensive care of their dependents as these beings cannot express their pain or disease. They try to find professionals for health care to aid the diseases caused to animals. If you are also in search of a competent veterinary medicine company, then the most recommended one might be Phoenix Life Sciences.
Phoenix Life Sciences are a prominent Veterinary Manufacturers in India occupied in manufacturing world-class allopathic drugs and supplements for domestic animals. They are a well-established company and are committed to serving nothing but quality. They boast of an in-house research facility backed by veterinary professionals and supporting staff devoted to research and development of effective drugs to cure severe diseases in animals.

Ascorvet is one of the products offered by the company which can be used for illness indications like Antioxidant during Stressful Conditions, Potentiating Immune System, Supportive in Mastitis Therapy, Haemostatic, Haemoglobinuria, and Heat Stroke.
To get the complete details about the products range of Phoenix Life Sciences and to know the dosage details of Ascrovet, you can consult our professional team who is dedicated towards the upbringing and well being of your pets. When you have a world class option available for your pet why to settle for less?

Ascorvet anitioxidant for animals

संकेत :
• Antioxidant during stressful conditions
• Potentiate immune status
• Supportive therapy in mastitis
• Bleeding (Haemostatic)
• Haemoglobinuria
• Heat stroke
• Dogs & Cats: 2-3 ml
• Calves: 5 ml
• Large Animals: 20-30 ml
• (In Haemoglobinuria 60 ml) by IM/IV/SC route or as directed by the Veterinarian